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Welcome to Dawson Ag, where we blend innovation with tradition to revolutionise your farming experience. Nestled in the heart of Southern QLD, we are your premier destination for unparalleled agricultural machinery and services. Our mission? To enhance your farming operations with a suite of top-quality equipment and custom solutions. From specialised dry hire machinery to comprehensive transportation services, and insightful agronomic advice, our dedicated team is your unwavering support in every agricultural endeavour. Experience the Dawson Ag difference, where exceptional customer service meets cost-effective, tailored solutions - your success is our success.
Agronomy Partnerships
Expert Guidance: Led by our seasoned agronomist, Jeremy Dawson, with over 25 years of field experience, we offer expert guidance on crop selection, soil health, and sustainable farming practices.
Custom Solutions: Our agronomy services are tailored to the unique needs of your farm, ensuring optimal crop yields and soil management strategies. Tiered partnership packages are available depending on your requirements.
Innovative Techniques: Stay ahead with the latest in agricultural science, from precision farming to integrated pest management.
Farm Management
Holistic Approach: Our farm management services encompass every aspect of your farming operation, from planning to harvest.
Efficient Resource Management: We focus on maximising efficiency in resource utilization, be it land, labour, or capital, to enhance your farm's profitability.
Decision Support: Armed with data-driven insights, we assist in making informed decisions that align with your farm’s goals and sustainability.
Choose Dawson Ag for a comprehensive agricultural journey, where every seed sown is a step towards a thriving future. Our Agronomy Services and Farm Management are more than just offerings; they are a partnership for your farming success.
Grizzly Wheel Track Renovator
Discover the power of the Grizzly Wheel Track Renovator - your solution to effortlessly managing wheel tracks from tractors, sprayers, and more. Operating at speeds of 12-15km/h, this innovator quickly fills tracks up to 350mm deep in a single pass. Its unique opposing disc gang design paired with a rear roller ensures uniform filling for both deep and shallow tracks, making it ideal for controlled traffic farming. Adjustable for wheel track widths from 1.8m to 4m, it's versatile for various field conditions.
Key Features:
Adaptive disc design for wet and dry conditions.
Greaseable bearing with twist in/out feature.
Patented Floppy T Bar Scrapers, ideal for wet soils.
Inbuilt toolbox with essential tools.
Book your dry hire now and repair the damages of a wet harvest efficiently!
Kelly Chain - For Dry Hire
Introducing the Kelly Chain, your ultimate tool for integrating crop residue back into the soil and creating a prime seedbed. Excelling in weed control and germination suppression, Kelly chains play a crucial role in refining seedbeds post-tillage. Their unique design chops and splits stubble, hastening weathering and microbial decomposition, setting the stage for a prosperous planting season. Embrace the Kelly Chain for a cleaner, more fertile seedbed, available for dry hire.
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About Us
Welcome to Dawson Ag, a beacon of innovation and expertise in the agricultural industry! Meet our driving force, Jeremy Dawson, the distinguished owner and lead agronomist of Dawson Agriculture. Jeremy has devoted over 25 years to mastering the art of agronomy, and now channels this rich experience and knowledge into leading Dawson Ag towards new heights.
Jeremy's academic and professional journey is a testament to his dedication and skill. A proud alumnus of the University of New England, he holds a Bachelor of Rural Science and a Certificate in Rural Science (Cotton Production). His extensive career, spanning a quarter of a century, has seen him collaborate with farmers, research institutions, and global corporations, endowing him with a profound understanding of the intricate dynamics of local soils, climate, and farming methodologies.
At Dawson Agriculture, we're not just about equipment; we're about bespoke, cost-effective solutions that cater to your unique agricultural needs. Under Jeremy's expert guidance, we offer invaluable insights into the most suitable equipment and strategies to tackle the specific challenges of your farm.
As a leading provider of dry hire machinery and transport services in Southern QLD, our repertoire boasts an impressive array of equipment, including 40 ft Kelly Chains, a 12m John Deere MaxEmerge planter, and a 10T Hino Tipper. Choosing Dawson Ag means accessing the best tools to optimise planting and maximise yield potential.
Our commitment to you goes beyond equipment; it's about delivering unparalleled service, top-tier machinery, and comprehensive support to fuel your journey to farming success.
Experience the Dawson Ag difference today. Get in touch to explore how we can contribute to your agricultural triumphs.
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